Stevan Bogosavljević

Android developer

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Stevan Bogosavljević Hakaton 2013

(Photo from a hackathon in Podgorica, Montenegro in October, 2018)


I am a freelance android developer from Niksic, Montenegro.

I have over 4 years of experience in android app development, working in teams, as a solo freelancer, in office or remotely.
You can check out some of my apps at my personal Play Store developer account. as well as in my portfolio here.

I do native development with Java (Recently started doing Kotlin as well) and I have worked with REST APIs(Retrofit), SQLite databases(Room), Realm, Google Maps APIs, GCM, Chromecast, Firebase, Admob, Exoplayer, Leanback and countless other 3rd party libraries. Some of my older personal projects are available on my Github account. Through 2017/18 I had worked a lot on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV platforms as well.

I used to write a blog(mostly about tech) but haven't been very active recently. You can check it out here.
I am also proud of my StackOverflow profile, I use it daily in my work and try to help others when I can.

In Autumn of 2017 I have taken an interest in photography and it became an important hobby of mine. Now I carry my DSLR everywhere I go.
You can check my photos on my Instagram profile.


Here you can check out some of my personal projects.



Phone\Viber: +382 67 125 552